LCAP Toolkit for STEM Advocates

In an effort to strengthen science education through California’s new local control finance and accountability processes – known as a school district’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), the Lawrence Hall of Science and California STEM Learning Network have assembled an LCAP toolkit to help stakeholders successfully advocate for science in their local school district budget development process.

Access the LCAP toolkit here:

You will see the toolkit provides specific sample language for including and budgeting for various capacities to include in your current LCAP to be submitted in July, and additional supporting language for other components that would help to support robust district science/NGSS implementation.  In addition, environmental education (residential outdoor science school, school gardens, teacher professional learning, etc.) is called out prominently as critical to successful NGSS implementation that warrants representation directly in district LCAPs.

Our hope is that BaySci districts and others can use the toolkit themselves and will forward it on throughout their other networks and contacts in support of science education in the state.

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