BaySci Teacher Professional Development—Classroom Strategies for Hands-on, Inquiry-based Science Institute (5 days)

06.21.2010—This workshop at the Exploratorium in San Francisco is designed for Newark USD and Novato USD teachers to: experience hands-on activities and video images of classroom inquiry to develop a greater understanding of inquiry- based science; explore strategies for using the FOSS curriculum by taking incremental steps to increase the role of inquiry in classroom science teaching-offering students opportunities to develop stronger inquiry process skills (such as observation, questioning and planning investigations) in relation to the California Science Investigation and Experimentation Standards; deepen one’s classroom practice and take greater advantage of the opportunities for hands-on, inquiry-based science provided by the FOSS instructional materials, including working with student science notebooks and facilitating effective classroom discussions; and, develop leadership strategies to help share these new approaches with one’s colleagues.

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