60-day Public Review of the CA Science Framework

The highly anticipated CA Science Framework was released this Tuesday, November 17, beginning the 60-day public review period.  The Science Framework contents include such things as vignettes for how grade level implementation of NGSS should look, high school course pathways, middle school implementation guidelines for both the preferred integrated model and alternative discipline specific model, information on assessment, etc.

  • The public has until January 19, 2016, to review the Science Framework online. The draft framework is on the CDE Science Framework Public Review and Comment Web page, where the public may leave comments at scienceframework@cde.ca.gov. Interested parties may also visit one of the 23 Learning Resource Display Centers statewide to review hard copies of the draft framework. The public’s comments will be presented to the Instructional Quality Commission in February and March 2016 for review and possible inclusion into the final draft of the Science Framework. The final draft will be available for a second public review in late spring or early summer. The State Board of Education is scheduled to review and act on the Science Framework in September/November 2016.  If you have any questions regarding the public comment review period or the Science Framework revision process, please contact Bryan D. Boyd, Education Programs Consultant, Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division, by phone at 916-445-4910 or by e-mail at bboyd@cde.ca.gov.

We encourage all of our districts to forward this email to their various teacher leader teams, so that both administrator and teacher input is given during this limited public review time period.  The California Science Teachers Association (CSTA) has information on how individuals may organize their feedback in addition to information on organized meetings that are being held around the state, prodiving opportunities for teachers to share their feedback with each other and organize a collective response.  http://www.classroomscience.org/your-chance-to-review-the-california-science-curriculum-framework-is-almost-here

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